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Thank you for visiting my website. A little about me… I grew up in an Italian family in Upstate New York (Rochester). I started my modeling career at the age of 12. Rochester was the home of Eastman Kodak. Because of Kodak, by the time I was 17 I was considerered the most phtographed girl in the country. I became “The Kodak Girl”. The life size cardboard cutout of my image in a blue & white poka-dot bikini stood in 80,000 drug stores and camera shops all over the world became an icon from that era.

The mob

My neighborhood had its share of Mafia and wanna be Mafia characters. As a young adult, I fell in with some of these people and ended up on the ride of my life. I was unwittingly a getaway driver at the age 18 in New York City. I got married to the mob, naively, but finally clawed my way out. The experience of that time in my life has been chronicled in my autobiography, The Company She Keeps”. (www.thecompanyshekeeps.com) Though I am not particually proud of that time in my life it proved to be helpful in my eventual career as a stunt driver in Hollywwod. I went from a getaway driver for the Mob to Stunt Driver for the stars. I survived in the toughest of tough world of men, from the mob to show business. It’s a toss-up as to which one of those worlds is the more brutal.

My life in stunts

In the entertainment business, I not only had to mix it up with the macho execs, directors, but stuntmen and race car drivers. I started My stunt driving team in 1986 when it was almost unheard of for women in this business. I came out of the gate with people like Bobby Unser Jr. and Dar Robinson who was considered the greatest stuntman in the world. The industry took note and the business soon became one of the top Precision/Stunt Driving teams in the country.

My new career

Due to a stunt gone wrong a few years ago and two sugeries on my neck I had to take an early retirement. But God was paving the way for my true destiny in life. I adopted my granddaughter. I got her out of the foster system when she was 10 days old and she has enriched my life beyond words. To be a stay at home mom and still make an income, I started renting my home for events, filming and the guest house for vacation stays. (www.EnchantedManorEvents.com)

Life out of "The Fast Lane

Through the responses of people reading my life story I became an advacate for abused women. Between being an Inn Keeper and a Mom, I travel around the country speaking to women in prisons and shelters in hopes of inspiring them to take the negatives in their lives and turn them into possitives. Where there is a will there is a way.

The Company She Keeps Book Review - The Company She Keeps The Company She Keeps

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